Achieving a work-life balance

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Five years ago, I co-started a startup: Agilesphere. Agilesphere is a consultancy that specialises in digital transformation. We’ve grown really quickly, have lots of interesting work and now have over a hundred consultants out delivering for our clients. In the early days, we did pretty much everything ourselves in terms of running the business, but now we’ve got a great …

My journey into a career in tech

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I was recently reminiscing with some female colleagues about how we each made the somewhat unusual choice of a career in tech.  As a CxO at Agilesphere, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve always had a passion for technology. But before I went to university, computing and coding didn’t even enter my vocabulary.  Here’s my early story … Remember Clippy? …

Why coding should be mandatory in schools

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2018 is an important year. It marks the centenary of women (some, not all) having the right to vote. And it’s also the Year of Engineering – a government campaign recognising the importance of engineering across the UK to inspire and encourage young individuals to get involved. Currently, only 17% of people working in technology in the UK are female, with …

Agilesphere Founders: Jeremy Renwick, Davina Sirisena, Hugh Ivory

Claiming the CxO title for agile leadership

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Leading Agilesphere Over the last few years, Hugh, Jeremy and I have each brought our complementary leadership strengths to Agilesphere. It’s the combination that has made Agilesphere the success it is today. We work well together, we lean on each other, and our relationship is an equal one in terms of skills, experience and effort. None of us could have …


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We are proud to be working with City Hall and a number of local councils to sponsor and co-organise TeaCamp meet-ups for the LocalGovDigital London Peer Group.
See their blog here

UX Camp Brighton 2017

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In 2017, the Agilesphere team was proud to sponsor UX Camp Brighton. Held on Saturday 25 March 10am-10pm at The Skiff, UX Camp Brighton is an ‘unconference’ for anyone involved or interested in user experience design, user research, interaction design, information architecture, usability, accessibility and other associated fields. Attendees either run or participate in 20 minute sessions, such as talks, demos or discussions. No …

Agile Women UK

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We recently took over the sponsorship and running of Agile Women UK. Agile Women UK is a place for women working in agile environments to share success stories, challenges and opportunities. Sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Let’s get together regularly and swap ideas with other women who work in similar roles and can relate to shared …

A checklist for agile success

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As a coach, I’m often asked to take a look at how an agile organisation or team is working, and give my opinion as to if they’re set up for agile success. These are they key things that I look for: 1. The walls talk You should be able to walk any newcomer round your project space and have them …

Digital by default: knowledge and experience

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This is one of our ‘ways of working’ blog posts focused on what we offer and how we work with our clients. If you’re building a digital service in government, it’s important that you operate within Government Digital Service (GDS) guidelines specifically referencing the Service Design Manual and adhering to the Digital by Default Service Standard, including passing the related assessments at the end …

Agile delivery: focusing on outcomes

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Collaborative working, when facilitated by an experienced delivery manager, keeps the whole team focused on an agile delivery. Agilesphere delivery managers keep people focused on delivery by involving everyone in creating and updating plans and prioritised backlogs. Working together, and then keeping everything as visible as possible, helps ensure that the whole team stays completely focused on delivery. Regular retrospectives are …