A Happy New Year from Fimatix!

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January 6, 2023

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As we return from the festive break, it’s been fantastic to reconnect with Fimatix clients, team members, associates and partners as we look to begin building on the successes of 2022.

Though last year proved to be challenging both for the country and much of the wider international community, we were lucky enough to achieve a number of milestones thanks to the hard work, skill and commitment of those working for and around us. A short summary of our year can be found here.

Now, we’re looking firmly ahead to 2023, and how we can use the transformative power of effective technology to benefit more people, organisations, and wider society.

In the public sector, we’ll be building on our work with Government departments, such as the Home Office and Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, to ensure these and other Government bodies can deliver improved outcomes and efficiencies through digitisation.

The UK’s public services are facing historic levels of strain, which is why we’re committed to providing effective digital transformation, driven by agile working methods and the unparalleled expertise of the Fimatix team.

In the corporate world, digital transformation is also proving more important than ever to ensuring productivity and success, as highlighted by ECI’s Growth Characteristics report revealing that 1 in 5 UK CEOs see digitisation as their biggest challenge for 2023.

The shift from digital solutions being attractive to necessary is fully cemented, with technology able to streamline processes from climate reporting and governance to HR.

It’s little secret that we’ve been building out our services through products such as our Prodigy and Nova tools, to the stage where we now offer a comprehensive, asset-backed offering that brings value to the financial, regulatory and operational sectors in particular.

It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of the UK’s world-leading fintech sector, with innovations in fields such as embedded finance, cross-border payments and decentralised finance, and XaaS all requiring an underlying digital architecture as they breathe new life into the financial services sector.

With all this in mind, 2023 stands to be a year full of growth and opportunity, and we can’t wait to share all the new landmarks and developments that are in store.