Digital by default: knowledge and experience

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September 4, 2014

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This is one of our ‘ways of working’ blog posts focused on what we offer and how we work with our clients.

If you’re building a digital service in government, it’s important that you operate within Government Digital Service (GDS) guidelines specifically referencing the Service Design Manual and adhering to the Digital by Default Service Standard, including passing the related assessments at the end of each phase (Discovery, Alpha and Beta).

Fimatix, having worked extensively at GDS and on multiple Exemplar projects are not only deeply familiar with these, we’ve also contributed to them. Our consultants will be able to draw on this experience to help you navigate them more efficiently and we as a wider organisation will be able to support you by using our network to introduce you to other projects and programmes across government where they have faced similar challenges to you.

We’ll use our network to strengthen your networks and allow you to learn from others, saving you the time and expense of making the same mistakes that others have made and potentially helping you identify areas where you could work together to create efficiencies or innovations.