Fimatix’s successful expanded private sector launch

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October 31, 2022

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As a growing, agile organisation, Fimatix are investing in assets and solutions that will help our clients transform their business. In a few short months, we’ve taken our expert core private sector offering and expanded it to be an extensive, asset-backed service helping key players in the financial services sector, like L&G and Aon, to navigate the changing regulatory landscape.

A key part of that transformation in financial services is to use technology to improve our customer and client experience by straight through processing and reducing the significant and growing costs of compliance.

This has been at the core of Fimatix since our early days supporting businesses like L&G, Lloyds Bank and the Big Exchange.

Our recently announced partnership with Corlytics and the acquisition of technology solutions provider, the Idea Group, will accelerate and improve the capabilities we can use to transform our clients.

Assets like Corlytics’ regulatory risk intelligence and our own Prodigy and Nova products can materially improve risk and compliance management for investment and pension firms.

Prodigy delivers cutting edge technology, backed by the Salesforce platform to support product governance compliance across Assessment of Value, ESG and consumer duty. Nova provides pension fund managers with plug and play STP for pension transfers across various platforms including SWIFT.

Through these changes and growth, Fimatix are well-equipped to effectively transform our clients’ businesses. By leveraging these products, our deep industry domain knowledge, and our agile ways of working we will be able to add further value across the financial services sector in the coming months.