Agilesphere Founders: Jeremy Renwick, Davina Sirisena, Hugh Ivory

Claiming the CxO title for agile leadership

Davina Sirisena Blog

Leading Agilesphere Over the last few years, Hugh, Jeremy and I have each brought our complementary leadership strengths to Agilesphere. It’s the combination that has made Agilesphere the success it is today. We work well together, we lean on each other, and our relationship is an equal one in terms of skills, experience and effort. None of us could have …


Davina Sirisena Blog

We are proud to be working with City Hall and a number of local councils to sponsor and co-organise TeaCamp meet-ups for the LocalGovDigital London Peer Group.
See their blog here

UX Camp Brighton 2017

Davina Sirisena Blog

In 2017, the Agilesphere team was proud to sponsor UX Camp Brighton. Held on Saturday 25 March 10am-10pm at The Skiff, UX Camp Brighton is an ‘unconference’ for anyone involved or interested in user experience design, user research, interaction design, information architecture, usability, accessibility and other associated fields. Attendees either run or participate in 20 minute sessions, such as talks, demos or discussions. No …

Agile Women UK

Davina Sirisena Blog

We recently took over the sponsorship and running of Agile Women UK. Agile Women UK is a place for women working in agile environments to share success stories, challenges and opportunities. Sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Let’s get together regularly and swap ideas with other women who work in similar roles and can relate to shared …

SDLC: The price of disagreement

Stephen Blackmore Blog

When teams fail to agree and follow a common approach to developing and releasing software it often results in delays, duplication, and a mountain of technical debt. This post explores the challenges behind one of most important decisions your delivery team or programme will make - how to agree and follow the SDLC. Are we talking about ‘Software’ or ‘Service’ ...

Scaling agile: What can I do before adding more people / cost?

Jeremy Renwick Agile at scale, Blog

When scaling agile, it’s important to keep front of mind that we are spending other people’s money. We should always think about delivering value for money from outset and be transparent with ourselves and stakeholders about Value. A sponsor will ask the questions “Are we getting value for money?” and/or “Can’t we go faster?”. These are legitimate challenges and as …

Why scale agile?

Jeremy Renwick Agile at scale, Blog

I’ve just googled why scale agile. All the higher ranked entries focus on “how” and “what” of scaling agile and are typically trying to sell SAF – highlighting the marketing genius that is Dean Leffingwell. The highest ranked answer that is relevant is a 3-part blog from “Adventures with Agile” that is erudite but doesn’t really answer the question. For …

Collaborating for organisational transformation

Hugh Ivory Blog

  Agile is more than a set of methods, practices and behaviours. Agile is an enabler for transforming organisations, as relevant in the public sector as it is in the lean start-up. Agile transformation requires new approaches across a number of dimensions: • Delivery (engineering): where the push for Agile normally starts, from practitioners influenced by education, social media, peers, …