Blue Lights and the Benefits of Digital Transformation

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September 22, 2022

On 7 and 8th of September, Tilly and I had the pleasure of representing Fimatix at the Blue Lights Event in Northampton. The conference marked a fantastic opportunity to catch up, learn from, and share ideas with tech leaders from across our emergency services.

It was brilliant too, to be able to present on the power of digital transformation done right, and on how the pitfalls of projects gone wrong can be avoided. It’s a topic I believe in strongly, so it was great to receive such a positive reception from within the blue lights sector. 

At Fimatix, we’re proud to have built up a successful track record working with blue light and other public and private sector organisations. We know the necessity of ensuring digital transformation is undertaken with the right process and expertise, and just how crucial it can be in modernising, streamlining, and making massive savings when organisations need them most.

We also know how to avoid the sort of project failure that has already led to billions of pounds and thousands of hours lost across the public sector, as well as causing reputational damage when ‘big-bang, go-live’ approaches fall short of expectations. 

For organisations as crucial as our emergency services, this can’t be allowed to happen. It’s why I so valued the opportunity to put forward the benefits of an approach based on diligent preparation, a focus on discovery and innovation, and an agile approach drawn from a deep evidence base, constantly incorporating improvements over the life cycle of a product. 

We know this works. It brought success in our digitisation scheme with the Met Police, which led to over £300m in annual savings. It also ensured we could make critical interventions with the Police National Computer at the Home Office and UK Policing’s Digital Operating Model. 

It’s a huge privilege for us at Fimatix to be able to operate in the blue lights space, and we look forward to continuing our support of the lifesaving work that our police, ambulance, and fire and rescue teams undertake on a daily basis. 

To find out more about how the benefits of blue lights and public sector digital transformation, email Simon Durtnal, CBO at Fimatix, at

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