The Big Exchange


Finance / Private sector


We supported the CEO and the Board of The Big Exchange in developing a viable business model for their organisation.


Over the course of two years, we supported The Big Exchange as they grew from a start-up to a fully fledged, regulated finance business.


We supported the strategy development, build and launch of The Big Exchange, convening partners to create a viable business model and support early stage funding. The Big Exchange is an investment platform enabling savers to create ethical portfolios at the lowest cost in the market, launching in association with the Big Issue group, FNZ and a number of high profile asset managers.


Launching an investment platform from conception to becoming a regulated business is no small challenge. We supported the CEO and the Board to develop the viable business model that convinced early stage investors, service delivery partners, prospective customers, employees and the regulators that there was a clear need and sustainable business model for The Big Exchange.


Using our adaptive organisation methodologies, such as Lean Canvas business model assessment, we:

  1. Identified emerging threats and opportunities
  2. Proposed innovative solutions using investors’ capital
  3. Completed early market testing
  4. Supported the regulatory applications and customer & user needs research
  5. Attracted investment capital
  6. Helped scale the business, providing the middle and back office functions as The Big Exchange moved from start-up to regulated business


The Big Exchange was founded in 2018 and launched in Spring 2020.