There is an assumption that everyone is up to speed with technology. And that everyone is happy to bank online.

But many of us are actually still trying to figure it out, and sometimes feel left behind. It’s okay to ask questions about how to do things. And ask in person. Not over the phone with a voice from the other side of the world. Or a chatbot.

OneBanx wants to make it possible to offer face-to-face banking to people who need it, whoever they bank with, in communities that might otherwise be left behind.

We are working to partner with all banks to offer banking services from a single, convenient location in each qualifying community. So you get to use your bank account you already have, at OneBanx, even if the last bank in town has closed. You get to do it in person or at a simple self-service machine with an ipad interface. Whether you want to deposit or withdraw cash, pay a bill or just get help to get online.

OneBanx: All banks. One location. All welcome.

What OneBanx does

OneBanx enables customers of all banks to do their everyday banking in a single, convenient community location, ensuring no customer is left behind as bank branches continue to close.

OneBanx offers a variety of formats which can be rolled out in local supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations or other community locations, all underpinned by the same open banking-enabled technology which connects seamlessly with every bank.

Individuals and small businesses can perform everyday banking transactions like cash deposits, withdrawals and bill payments in a single OneBanx location, whoever they bank with.

OneBanx uses the latest technology to be able to receive funds physically and transfer them to the destination bank account almost instantaneously. And OneBanx facilitates withdrawals from the customer’s account using the same transaction flows in reverse. Even customers who have not adopted their own bank’s online banking platform or who do not have a smartphone can use our services. We serve the digitally savvy and the digitally excluded and offer a highly supportive service to the vulnerable.

Our solutions are built from modular components so we can tailor our offering to the needs of a particular community. We are able to offer a full transactional banking set of products from deployment formats that range from a self service device that enables cash and coin deposits and withdrawals to a fully assisted service deployed in a variety of kiosk formats that can be adapted to the host location.