Opsmatix is a world leading AI solution that transforms operational processes. It is a SaaS 24/7 real time cloud-based computing solution utilising AI with NLP, ML and Neural Networks.

The Opsmatix AI Platform delivers operational and business transformation through:

  • automating processes;
  • reducing manual intervention, freeing up staff for value added functions, cutting costs and risks;
  • providing the ability to monitor and report on SLAs/KPIs and improve customer service.

The Opsmatix AI Platform

  • Automatically reads and understands intent in unstructured communications:
    • Email, fax, text messages, SWIFT MT950s, voice, web.
    • Any digitisable form of communication, including embedded documents and attachments.
    • Workflow escalates cases for manual intervention/sign off.
  • Reduces operational costs by 30-90%:
    • Freeing up business staff.
    • Allows staff to work from home.
    • Freeing up IT staff – the Total Cost of Ownership is low as Opsmatix run and support the solution in the cloud.
    • No AI experts are required by our clients – Opsmatix maintain the AI model.
  • Is GDPR-compliant and has the highest levels of data and cybersecurity.

We’d love to learn more about you and your business and see if there is anything we can support you with.