Prodigy: Know Your Product

Prodigy integrates people, data, processes and business systems to support the organisational product lifecycle function within companies, providing product information for companies and their extended supply chain enterprise and enabling them to deal with the planning, forecasting, production and marketing of products, at all stages of the product lifecycle.


Prodigy product overview

Prodigy allows communication and idea-sharing from many sources. To facilitate governance, ideas can be channeled through appropriate personnel with different levels of urgency.

Lifecycle from idea conception to launch, onboarding, growth to maturity and retirement

Enterprise, procedure, process, method built on the Salesforce Cloud.

A central, digital, auditable catalogue of all global products provides a golden source of accurate data – static and dynamic – to power the Al engine.

Regulation is changing fast, and customers need to see this as an opportunity, not a threat.
Multijurisdictional regulation requires enterprise global solutions.

Typical product governance solution

This illustration shows how typically product data is managed across multiple jurisdictions. Different databases, different data structures, multiple sources for the data – there is no, true central record for global products – no Product Master source.

Due to the many data sources and data formats, there is a high chance that much of the data is unvalidated – and in need of tidying up. However – without ongoing control and validation, is unlikely to be kept ‘clean’.

A diagram showing how typical product database solutions are split across mulitple regions, with no global oversight and no central source of data

Prodigy in your organisation

Prodigy product master

Global data in one place

  • Team-specific access over global product 
master-by jurisdiction, and/or product 
range. For example, users can be set
up to only see the products/product range 
they need to.
  • Underlying product specifications and data one click away.