Semantic Evolution

Semantic Evolution help the financial industry make better decisions.

Semantic Evolution have developed a technology that applies proprietary Artificial Intelligence techniques, Machine Learning, advanced semantics and NLP, to automatically extract target data from unstructured documents such as PDF, Word, Excel and Email. This flexible and intelligent technology can scale across an organization providing businesses with improved operational efficiencies and a rapid ROI.

Built for finance

Get the highest parsing accuracy in the financial sector thanks to the millions of financial documents we have parsed.

We understand your unique parsing challenges. We know how to solve them. We have the insight and the technology to parse even the most complex documents at scale.

We’ve parsed millions of financial documents, and tokenised tens of thousands of fields. As a result, you won’t have to waste valuable time syncing domain knowledge into the tool. You can also rest easy knowing we deliver the highest parsing accuracy in the financial sector.

Our user-driven interface combined with our machine learning capabilities means we can react quickly to handle evolving market conditions, allowing you to stay focused on your core business.

Our software services our customers around the globe. Given our background, commitment and track record, it’s hardly surprising that most of our valued clients are from the financial sector.