Testing Performance

Established in 2006 and based in the UK, Testing Performance provides comprehensive testing services including Consultancy, Planning and Delivery. We specialise in Performance Testing, Test Automation, Data Migration & Assurance and Test Management.

Our senior consultants typically have over 15 years’ experience.

Our customers range across industries including Government, banking, insurance, retail, aerospace, and utilities.

Testing Performance by Fimatix

Performance Testing

As experts in performance testing we can ensure your application will perform under peak expected loads and beyond.

Testing Performance provides expert level knowledge of performance testing – from defining your non-functional requirements, assessing risk, to building a test strategy, executing the test plan and delivering both high- and low-level reports.

Automated Testing

Automation makes testing efficient, reducing costs and freeing up resources. Test early, test often is the dev-ops mantra and automating testing makes this possible – a true shift left in the SDLC.

Automation increases test coverage, reduces test cycle times, and improves time to market thereby reducing both time and cost. Testing Performance provides expert-level knowledge of Automation Testing.

Data Migration and Assurance

Companies need to replace their applications from time to time, migrating data from the existing source application to the new application. But how do you check that all data has been migrated correctly?

Our rules-based engine maps and processes the data, backed up by test automation, to validate the conversion and provide an audit path.

We’d love to learn more about you and your business and see if there is anything we can support you with.

Working with Testing Performance brought about a real focus on the performance of our key systems and applications – leading to genuine performance improvement.