Fimatix DEI Advisory

What we do

Fimatix offers DEI advisory support to multinational clients for global DEI strategy design, execution, and business integration.

How we do it

Fimatix’s DEI experts focus on several areas to help their clients achieve their DEI objectives, including corporate DEI reporting, operational plan development, DEI data and reporting improvements, DEI communications planning (including crisis communications and leadership team media training), DEI learning design and delivery, debiasing process design, review of commercial DEI opportunities, and employee resource group effectiveness.


Fimatix’s DEI advisory support enables multinational clients to establish and execute effective DEI strategies that can help them enhance their operations, improve their reputation, and create a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

By partnering with Fimatix’s DEI experts, clients can gain insights into best practices, implement innovative solutions, and leverage their diversity and inclusion initiatives to drive business success. Furthermore, Fimatix’s experts are available for global public speaking, panel participation, and event facilitation on DEI, culture change, leadership, and career development topics, providing additional opportunities for clients to learn from their expertise.