Fimatix Deployment

What we do

We maintain a user-focussed mindset to de-risk, assure and speed up this challenging and critical final stage of the development life cycle. Our deployment service ensures the rapid and frequent promotion of successfully tested software to a production environment, where it can be seamlessly owned and supported by service operations.

How we do it

We work with you to achieve true continuous deployment, we employ DevOps and CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment), making use of the tools that are fast becoming mainstream in this area, and using automation in integration, testing and deployment. This results in higher quality, faster and more frequent deployments.

Protecting the deployment scope and schedule is a key client requirement so we:

  • gain early visibility on deployment candidates and proactively manage risks and issues
  • verify that code to be deployed has passed all quality checks, including systems integration, user acceptance, non-functional, security and performance testing
  • ensure run books, Service Operations and Design guides, access to tools, knowledge transfer, deployment assurance and automation are provided for each deployment
  • collaborate with DevOps, delivery teams, business change, service transition and operation services to deploy working software to production

Our clients are provided with the information and insights needed to make informed go-live decisions.

We continuously review and improve the deployment process, reducing deployment cycles and increasing automation.


Rapid, frequent and robust deployments delivered to plan, supported by operations, enabling the business to start the benefits realisation.

Release management services

Our teams deliver our deployment service on a large scale, complex, and highly sensitive programme designed to both digitise and transform service delivery.

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