Privacy4Cars enables the automotive ecosystem to delete personal information from vehicles in a fast, traceable, and cost-effective manner to reduce liability, meet regulatory requirements and improve customer satisfaction

A Which? Study in June 2020 highlighted that four in five UK owners took insufficient steps to remove personal data before selling their vehicle. This includes contacts, messages, travel history, address etc.  Ensuring this data is removed before sale is the responsibility of the seller irrespective of the car’s previous ownership status.  P4C offers a fast, traceable and cost-effective way to completely and securely delete personal data from any vehicle.

Why P4C

  1. Establish a rigorous, measurable process to remove Personal Information prior to sale across all channels, physical auctions, online auctions, dealerships
  2. Comprehensive data set that includes all brands, models and interfaces
  3. Builds a better experience for your operators and customers
  4. Setup an auditing system to put you in control and be able to monitor and coach your channel partners, fleets, and rentals, to ensure robust compliance
  5. Creates the opportunity for value added services within the distribution chain.

We have worked in compliance for many years and we know how difficult and time consuming it can be to address this.  There is no simple solution, until now.

How it works

P4C’s core deletion process guides you from vehicle selection to data deletion in under 2 minutes.  It not only hugely speeds up the process of data removal but gives your Board a fully transparent process with a centralised audit trail to evidence the data removal has happened, across multiple vehicles, brands, makes and sites.  You can even certify to purchasers that the data deletion has occurred, which is great customer service.  More details here:

P4C is available on Google Play or the App Store or can be integrated with your own app / systems.  Simple to install, simple to use and 100% effective.

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