Fimatix Testing

What we do

Testing provides peace of mind – that the target application does what it should do based upon requirements. Our comprehensive testing services includes Consultancy, Planning, Management and Delivery for functional and non-functional testing.

How we do it

From initial Risk Assessment and Test Strategy development to conducting all aspects of testing. We conduct both manual testing and, where appropriate, leverage the benefits of automated testing. Testing covers both the functional aspects of application assurance as well as the non-functional aspects such as Performance testing and OAT. We are able to assess the ROI for manual vs automated testing and recommend the best tools to fit within budget.

Our non-functional Performance Testing specialists use a variety of both commercial and open-source tools to assess the performance of applications under various load conditions, then analyse the outcomes and work with the client to investigate and resolve performance issues.

Our functional test team provide manual and automated solutions, using both commercial and open-source tools. We exploit test automation to enable testing to be integrated into a CI/CD plan.

Our senior consultants typically have over 15 years’ experience. Our customers range across industries including government, banking, insurance, fintech, charitable organisations, retail, aerospace, and utilities.

When moving from legacy applications to new applications, be they on-premise or in cloud, our Data Migration & Assurance Test team use automated migration processes to ensure a seamless validated migration process with an auditable trail to prove is complete.

Our senior consultants typically have over 15 years’ experience. Our customers range across industries including Government, banking, insurance, fintech, retail, aerospace, and utilities.


By bringing a focus on testing we ensure that business needs and requirements are fully understood and met. Automating testing where possible means that functional and non-functional testing is carried out with a high level of confidence and allows testing to fit into an Agile development by integrating testing into a Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment model.

Government video conference performance testing case study

Find out more about how we helped HM Courts & Tribunals Service with automated performance testing of their Video Hearings platform.

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