Agilesphere announces implementation of new organisational structure at major agile conference

Released on

September 27, 2018

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–September 26, 2018–

Today, 26 September 2018, Agilesphere will outline their implementation of the Adaptive Organisation at the Agile Business Conference – the longest running Agile conference bringing together the international agile community. Agilesphere CxO, Jeremy Renwick, will announce how Agilesphere is transforming their organisational structure to ensure the focus is on its customers.

Agilesphere is a 100-strong community of talented experts delivering agile consultancy and digital technology to transform services, organisations and society for the better. Having now implemented the Adaptive Organisation at Agilesphere, CxO Jeremy Renwick will share their learnings:

1. Commit to thinking differently about organisations – structures must change to enable a complete, empathetic customer focus

2. Create micro-roles – break down silos in organisations into smaller parts and re-allocate responsibilities to allow team members to respond to customers’ needs more efficiently

3. Embrace the evolution of cooperative leadership – ensure all the leaders work across the organisation holistically

At 2017’s Agile Business Conference, Agilesphere launched their review into how to apply agile principles to organisations, originally titled the Minimum Viable Organisation (MVO), and called for input from across the digital, business and governmental sectors. Now, Agilesphere has adapted and renamed the theory and are implementing it themselves.

Jeremy Renwick, CxO, said: “We launched our initial thinking at the Agile Business Conference last year. Now, we’re pleased to announce that the Adaptive Organisation is a practical concept that can be applied.

“In today’s competitive market, organisations need to be continuously innovating to ensure they consistently provide value. Many organisations have focused on the end to end customer journey since the mid 90’s, but little progress has been made. We are innovating our organisation to ensure that it is customer focused by changing the power structures.

“We’d love to hear from those who are interested in exploring how to fully embrace agile as a way of operating, driving transformational change, and placing fairness and cooperation at the centre of their organisations.”

Today, Agilesphere are also launching their AgileDS training service. The AgileDS qualification is a new course provided by the Agile Business Consortium (accredited by APMG) and Agilesphere have been a driving force behind its creation. It is aimed at all those involved in the delivery of digital services, including central government, local government, the NHS, and private sector organisations.