Agilesphere outlines new vision for organisational strategy at major agile conference

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July 19, 2018

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Agilesphere outlined its new vision for organisational structure, the Adaptable Organisation, at Agile on the Beach – a major conference bringing together the international agile community on 13 July 2018. Agilesphere CxO, Jeremy Renwick, announced the latest thinking on organisational transformation, preparing organisations to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the new socio-economic landscape.

Agilesphere helps clients with digital transformation using agile principles, delivering value based on user needs and constant feedback. At 2017’s Agile Business Conference, Agilesphere launched its initial thinking around how to apply these agile principles in the development of organisations. Since then, Agilesphere has adapted the theory, originally titled the Minimum Viable Organisation (MVO) and now titled the Adaptable Organisation, to take into account feedback from agile practitioners, business people, public servants and other thinkers with an interest in organisational structure and behaviour.

Jeremy Renwick, CxO, said: “The traditional business model simply can’t cope with the digital world we’re creating, and companies must adapt to flourish. Instead of being hemmed in by a strict top-down structure, we’re creating a model and have started to apply this to our organisation, which can truly draw on the talent of everyone involved. The Adaptable Organisation allows us to hear from all parts of our organisation leading to deeper cooperation.

“In today’s competitive market, organisations need to be constantly learning and adapting to ensure they can consistently provide value. The Adaptable Organisation model is better for our clients as we draw on our experience to tailor our service to their needs.

“With increasing questioning of the future of work, the tech sector is facing a challenge relating to employment standards and diversity in decision-making. Every tech company c-suite executive must ask themselves the tough questions around ethics. It’s the tech companies that get this right who will thrive, and we believe we’ve found the model for the future of all organisations as every organisation will have a strong technology foundation.

“We’re pleased to have had the opportunity to outline the new model at this conference. We’d love to hear from those who are interested in exploring how to fully embrace agile as a way of operating, driving transformational change, placing fairness and cooperation at the centre of their organisations.”


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