Fimatix partners with regtech firm Corlytics in next stage of enhanced private sector offering

Released on

October 19, 2022

Two of the leading tech innovators, digital consultancy Fimatix and regulatory risk intelligence firm Corlytics, have agreed to formalise their partnership.

Through this partnership, the two firms will integrate each other’s services into their own offerings, creating a combined suite of products and solutions capable of augmenting regulation and change management systems across the financial services and insurance sectors.

It’s partnership with Corlytics follows Fimatix’s recent expansion of its private sector practice, including the appointment of Sanjeev Dhiman as Chief Business Officer for Private Sector Business and the acquisition of Idea Group in May.

Corlytics’ risk intelligence solutions join Fimatix’s governance and reporting tool Prodigy, information interaction service Nova, AI data manager Jaid, and outsourced recruitment tool Talent as a Service (TaaS). The partnership strengthens Fimatix’s wider digital transformation offering, which enables organisations to expertly accelerate their digital development.

Fimatix CEO Tim Howarth said of the partnership:

“I have worked with Corlytics since 2014, we share a passion for putting technology at the heart of compliance. With the team at Fimatix we’ve become well-acquainted with Corlytics’ innovation, expertise, and state of the art regtech products. It has been impressive to see Corlytics’ journey so far, and we are excited to be included in that as a formal partner in the future.

“I believe that together we can make significant improvements in risk and compliance effectiveness, benefitting organisations and end users throughout the financial services industry. As ESG compliance increases in intensity there is huge demand for more efficient regulatory solutions and Corlytics has been leading this charge.”

Corlytics CEO John Byrne said:

“We have been partnering with Fimatix since both companies’ inception, working on transforming operating models essential in digitising the regulatory monitoring and change management processes at large financial services firms.

“Fimatix’s rapid rise reflects the success of its clients in embracing change in digitising their businesses, and we are excited to be working with them in partnership. We believe that the Fimatix’s Digital Transformation Experience and Capabilities can help customers to adopt our advanced regulatory technology, such that new ways of working, new operating models and new technology are fully adopted, used and deliver the value promised by these new technologies.”

About Fimatix

Fimatix’s purpose is to enhance the productivity of business and governments to the benefit of economies, communities and people around the world. The business has a track record of supporting major banks and e-money fintech challengers within the financial services sector, and digital transformation in the UK Government including the Home Office, HSBC, RBS, Ziglu and The Big Exchange.

About Corlytics

Corlytics structures, rates and visualises regulation.

To be able to action and provide assurance on never-ending regulatory change requires firms to know what’s relevant, where to focus and what’s emerging.  That’s where Corlytics is helping compliance, risk, legal and audit teams globally.  We monitor, assess, map and align regulatory changes in order to alert relevant areas of the business.  We take a risk-based approach to prioritising developments and predicting what’s ahead.

We combine innovative technology with deep legal and industry expertise. Our data science technology combines supervised statistical learning methods with novel linguistic feature engineering techniques using natural language processing.

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