The Agile Digital Services training course (AgileDS™)

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September 24, 2018

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The UK government has been making incredible progress with creating services that are digital by default, accessible and meet the needs of citizens.

It’s now been recognised as a world leader in digital, topping the UN E-Government Survey index in development and e-participation.

As projects in government are often complex, the Government Digital Service (GDS) has created its own Digital Service Standard and supporting Service Manual. This gives guidance on user needs, common design principles, openness, balancing the needs of citizens and governments, and working in an agile way.

Realising traditional agile training couldn’t properly cover digital service delivery, the Government is making sure its people have the tools to work in agile environments.

That’s why we’ve (with help from GDS) created a new course in conjunction with The Agile Business Consortium: Agile Digital Services course (AgileDS™) – a new agile project framework and guidance for a team or individual working in a digital delivery environment.

What happens on the course?

The internationally-recognised AgileDS™ course offers bespoke training and associated qualifications, helping you (and your business) develop:

  • a consistent approach
  • a common language
  • a skilled workforce (with appropriate accreditation opportunities)

All of this combined will help you carry out successful design and delivery of digital services.

Exams, accreditation and a useful Consortium publication handbook is provided by The Agile Business Consortium and APMG International. Peter Stansbury, lead author of Agile Digital Services is one of the key trainers.

Who’s the course for?

The Agile Digital Services course is for anyone working in an agile environment, digital project or programme, but there are two different levels of the course:

  1. foundation
  2. practitioner

Foundation level is a closed-book exam that improves your ability to demonstrate agile skills and knowledge and focus on any areas where you may need more support.

Practitioner level is an open book exam that asks you to consider how you’d apply agile to a scenario or case study.

Why take the course?

The Agile Digital Services course isn’t only about quality. It’s about implementing skills and recognising the need for individuals in the civil services to be recognised for their expertise.

And with the sheer volume of digital services coming out of government, the opportunity to learn and develop agile delivery methods, tools and techniques can’t be missed.

We’ll also keep you up-to-date with our graduates and how they found the course, so you can decide whether or not it’s for you or your team.

And if you’re already interested in the AgileDS™ course, you can find out more about our training services.