Agile – What’s in it for me?

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September 14, 2014

Agile has proved its worth in many organisations by improving the delivery and quality of software projects. This is particularly true of the use of agile to deliver new “digital” services that harness the power, cost efficiencies and reach of the web to disrupt existing business models or create new industries.

There is, however, a big difference between implementing agile in a greenfield or start-up business and transforming an existing organisation to meet the challenges and realise the opportunities of the digital age.

The complete transformation from traditional to agile delivery is now being actively considered by many organisations and a few have active programmes aiming to achieve this. This paper looks at the challenges posed by such initiatives and outlines Agilesphere’s approach to digital and agile transformation.

Read the full white paper: Agile – what’s in it for me?