Why agile?

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September 14, 2014

Why agile?

Agilesphere was developed to provide everything needed to fully embed agile in any organisation. Our training, coaching, mentoring and delivery services have been developed through years of experience of delivering business change and software using agile techniques. Our aim is to ensure that your people and processes completely embrace the need and disciplines to keep projects and programmes relevant to the business need throughout their lifecycle.

This paper frames the business case for agile across 3 key categories:

  • Providing practices and a culture to embrace changes in requirements
  • Focusing on early and incremental delivery increases return on investment
  • Reducing generic project / programme risks

This paper uses the term “projects” as a short-hand to mean projects, programmes and portfolios as the business case points apply as much to programmes and portfolios as they do to projects. It also uses the word “time-box” to be analogous to “sprint” and/or “iteration”.

Read the full white paper: Why agile?