Agilesphere calls on UK businesses to embrace benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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November 22, 2018

Agilesphere is calling on UK businesses to further embrace the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through a new organisational structure for the future of work. The recently released World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2018 confirms technological advancements that currently pose challenges to businesses are set to become the primary drivers of opportunities for new growth. In response, Agilesphere published a white paper for building a business model fit for the digital age.

Jeremy Renwick, CxO at Agilesphere, has drawn on his experience helping both private and public sector organisations embrace the benefits of tech for citizens and consumers, to design a truly digital organisation. After a speech Jeremy gave last month on how Agilesphere is implementing a new organisational structure – the Adaptive Organisation – the white paper shares the principles of how all businesses can build their own.

Jeremy Renwick, CxO said: “Society is facing new challenges and we need innovation to adapt and ensure the UK economy is fit for the future. Now is the time for businesses to be at the forefront of this change and embrace new organisational structures. With technology revolutionising work, everybody deserves an organisation that’s structured in a way that supports them to grow, develop, and work on things that are meaningful and motivating.

“Last month the Institute for the Future of Work launched its Charter for Good Work. This framework calls for a modern, moral economy that puts people at the centre. We believe this is good for business as well as society. As my white paper explains, when people in an organisation are closer to the people they serve, they see the impact of what they’re doing. This improves motivation and increases productivity.”

Hugh Ivory, another CxO at Agilesphere, said: “The line between digital and non-digital companies have become increasingly blurred. Every business must now adapt to the new landscape of work.

“Embracing new technologies and adapting quickly are key elements for success. Through coaching and training, we take the opportunities presented by digital to work through how people can structure their work, businesses, and lives. We can then go on to support the delivery of digital systems and 360-degree transformation in organisations across all sectors.”

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